About Us

PartnersFirst is a new credit card division of Torrey Pines Bank, a subsidiary of Western Alliance Bancorporation.

We are single-mindedly focused on affinity credit card marketing.

PartnersFirst offers an innovative, partner-centric model serving affinity groups across a wide range of special interests and affiliations, including; colleges & universities, professional associations, sports, outdoor sporting and wildlife conservation organizations, and many more.

We proudly bring a full spectrum of credit card services to the small and mid-sized affinity partner market, incorporating the major network associations, world-class processing platforms, and state of the art targeted marketing capabilities.

The formation of PartnersFirst reflects a need in the market to deliver real value to the affinity partner relationship which we will deliver through new partner/issuer economic structures.

Our management team is comprised of former industry-leading executives from the top financial institutions in the affinity space.

Fresh. New. Ready.